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Filling Units
The fillers are additional but necessary devices used with the packaging machines. They reliably fill up the bags with the goods and the upper parts of the bags are subsequently sealed or closed by the baggers.

Volumetric Dozer VD6/VD8
Continuous Motion Volumetric weigher consists of six or eight telescopic cups and it is Ideal for dosing fine granular products coffee beans, pulses, rice, salt, etc. It can be adjusted manually or automatically, easy to clean thoroughly. A number of options are available depending on specific requirements .
Auger Fillers AF
Ideal for powder and similar fine products milled spices, milled coffee, cappuccino, dried cream, flour mixes, instant drinks…). A specific auger (worm screw) for each product, precisely doses the correct amount directly into the forming tube of the packaging machine. Filling volume can be adjusted easily through touch screen during operation. The system can easily be dismantled for through cleaning. All components are made of stainless steel for good hygienic and durability.
Linear Weighers LW1/LW2/LW4
It is Suitable for weighing of granule products (such as pulses, seed, and coffee bean), tiny granule products (such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame) and it is also suitable for non-food industry such as screws, bolts, plastic components, Chemical fertilizer, detergent, etc… it is good choice for, possibility of, using for manual dosing into premade packages.
Multihead Combinational Weighers CW10/CW14/CW20
Modern and flexible design of these weighing units enables their installation in different models so as to meet a wider range of production requirements. Depending upon the product features, the weighing units use two rows of baskets (excellent product treating and great flexibility) or three rows (compact lay-out and high production). it is suitable for expensive products that need precise weights and for easy broken products like nuts, candies, chips, pet food, pieced vegetable, pastries, frozen products, vegetable mixes and salads, grated cheese, some meat products.
Composite Forming Shoulders (Collars)
Production technology of composite forming shoulders enables uncontested most-perfect shape of collar, because shape of functional shoulder surface exactly correspond to shape of packaging film at the moment of passing from flat film to tube. The shoulders are made of very different characteristics materials of . For example, surface of shoulder is made from very hard, solid and wear resistant shift while body of shoulder is produced from soft material with carrying function only.