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Horizontal Packaging Machines
Production technology of composite forming shoulders enables uncontested most-perfect shape of collar, because shape of functional shoulder surface exactly correspond to shape of packaging film at the moment of passing from flat film to hose.

FOCUS HD22 Doypack Packaging Machine
FOCUS RH22 series is designed for ready bags doypack packaging need, it can fill standard doypack pouches, as well as with special additional functions like zipper, hanging hole, spout or special shapes. It also has big size and duplex series, which can meet packaging requirement of big volume and high speed. Stand-up pouch is the modern packing style, which makes your product attractive and prolongs its shelf-life. Thanks to Zipper application, stand-up pouch is the most reliable packing for dried fruits, frozen foods, juices, dairy products, salad dressing, soups, spices, washing and hygienic detergents etc. The machine's best advantage is its extreme flexibility. It can operate with multiheads and linear weighers, volumetric and auger fillers, fillers for liquid, paste, dry or powdered products including hot products.The adjustment of the machine to different pouch sizes is fast and easy.
ASTRA HS13 (Horizontal Sachet Packaging Machines) Series are full Automatic Horizontal 3 or 4 sides (edges) sealing Sachet Packaging Machine contains motor film-releasing, film forming, bottom sealing, vertical sealing, cutting, filling, pouch transferring and top sealing. The cams on the main shaft finish the coordinated action driven by the motor and the encoder on the main shaft feedback the position single. Under the control of the PLC, it realizes the function of film roll›film forming›film in-shape›powder filling›sealing›finished products transferring.