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Volumetric Dozer VD6/VD8
Continuous Motion Volumetric weigher consists of six or eight telescopic cups and it is Ideal for dosing fine granular products coffee beans, pulses, rice, salt, etc. It can be adjusted manually or automatically, easy to clean thoroughly. A number of options are available depending on specific requirements .
  • Weighing range up to 2500gr
  • Maximum speed up to 90 doses/min (depends on products specifications)
  • Power requirement: 380V, 50Hz, mono faze.
  • Adjusting of dose from display of packaging machine
  • Accuracy: depends on products specifications
Dosers for packaging machines Volumetric Dozer VD6/VD8
Volumetric Dozer VD6/VD8
Bag type 3S
Bag type A
Bag type D
Bag type D/B
Bag type E
Bag type F
Bag type F/B